Solution Overview

NextGate is an innovative platform, built by NextToYou Network Solutions, to provide all its clients with a customizable Internet Access Controller software that can be used on the cloud or as an appliance, that is easy to use and completely modular.

At its core, the NextGate is a robust, fully-featured network management software, providing all the tools required to manage locally or remotely connected IP devices, implement complex QoS and Firewall policies and control user accesses to the network through a Web Proxy and a customizable Captive Portal.

On top of the network stack we add an always growing Marketplace, with a variety of modules that will allow clients and partners to customize the NextGate appliance to fit perfectly a particular need or market segment. Ranging from the Hotspot Management module, to the Video Surveillance module or the Social Login module (Captive Portal), there are a lot of options to build your version of the NextGate.

Network Manager

  • WAN Optimization
  • Bandwidth Control
  • Content Filtering
  • VLANs
  • MAC Monitoring
  • SPI Firewall

Internet Access Control

  • Captive Portal
  • Access Credentials
  • Billing Plans
  • Client Registration

Multitenancy Support (optional)

  • Management of multiple client organizations

Optional modules

  • Customization of the appliance profile (hotel, school, fleet, etc.)