Hotspot Devices

The Distributed Hotspot Manager (DHM) module enables to monitor and manage multiple remote hotspot gateways geographically spread from outside headquarters.

These gateways can be deployed both in mobile and stationary scenarios but sharing the same management appliance and environment. Different application scenarios may require particular gateways characteristics (e.g. with or without WiFi infrastructure, 3G/4G connectivity, GPS tracking, etc.).

In stationary scenarios the remote units may be wired (cable/fiber) to the NextGate cloud appliance. The remote units can provide a localized WiFi access directly through their own antennas or via an AP WiFi infrastructure covering larger areas.

In mobile applications, the remote units may use 3G/4G interfaces for conveying both client's accesses and control/signaling traffic exchanged with the NextGate service.

The NextGate appliance supports the use of several standard IP gateways from multiple existing manufacturers or vendors.