How To Use It

When it comes to deployment the NextGate appliance is available in two flavours: Local Private Installation or Owned Private Cloud. If you prefer a pure Software-as-a-Service solution we also provide the NextToYou Cloud option.

Local Private Installation

This option is recommend for medium to large network deployments such as hotels or schools. The software appliance is installed into a network server hosted at the customer facilities. NextToYou commercializes a custom hardware solution, optimized for the NextGate OS and ready to be deployed. Please reach us for details.

Owned Private Cloud

For remotely managed network devices the Cloud-based version is the natural choice. The NextGate appliance is made available as a virtual image ready to be used in a datacenter environment. Pick an equipment listed in the available hotspot devices page and connect it to your NextGate URL to provide controlled WiFi access in buses, trains, boats or fixed locations like bars and restaurants.

NextToYou Cloud (SaaS)

When the purchase of the NextGate appliance is not an option or desirable, NextToYou provide an hosted version of the appliance, managed by NextToYou. This service is available as a monthly-billed plan.

This allows for a convenient way to start using the NextGate appliance, delivering networked services to your costumers, without worrying about hosting the appliance. Simply point your network terminals to the NextToYou domain and you are done!