Network Management

Everything you’d expect in a serious network management gateway. The Network and System component lives at the core of the NextGate platform and allows the creation of complex network configurations.


  • Creation and edition of multiple WAN interfaces with several operating options.
  • Creation and management of multiple local networks, each associated with custom QoS profile, Firewall and Proxy.
  • Creation of redundant WAN connections (3G/4G), to ensure Internet connectivity on main line failures, or simply to increase throughput capacity.
  • Automatic association of Switch or WiFi AP VLANs, registered in the system, facilitating configuration and network management.
  • Creation of local networks using DHCP or configured as an hotspot with captive portal.
  • Configuration of Dynamic DNS.
  • Configuration of VPNs (PPTP, IPSec and OpenVPN).
  • Registration of hosts by MAC with fixed IP assignment.


  • Definition of multiple blocking rules for particular sites or domains.
  • Secure registration of websites accessed by hotspot customers and associated legal report generation.
  • Configuration of port forwarding and DMZ.
  • Configuration of multiple firewall profiles that may be associated with existing networks.
  • Creation of rules for filtering traffic by protocol, destination IP, source IP, destination port and source port.

Bandwidth Management (QoS)

  • Definition of various QoS profiles that may be applied to defined local networks.
  • Control of traffic shaping by network, user and traffic types.
  • Load balancing across defined WANs.