Internet Access Control

A complete solution for the authentication, authorization, and accounting of your customers Internet accesses.

Registration of Clients

  • Registration via Web interface adapted to existing computers and smartphones.
  • Reports generation with accesses history, summary of online times, used traffic, etc.


  • Easy emission of Tickets or Vouchers with credentials to access the Internet.
  • Customer and Billing Plan customization and association.
  • Simple credentials restriction to certain networks/areas (restaurant, rooms, etc.).
  • Automatic printing/cutting of Tickets for immediate client delivery.
  • Personalization of Tickets and Vouchers printing look (e.g. title, color scheme).

Access Plans

  • Creation and customization of billing plans to regulate vouchers usage.
  • Restriction of access by time of use (continuous or interrupted), amount of traffic, and period (specific expiration date/time).