Partners Overview

At NextToYou Network Solutions, our Partners are a key factor for our success. They help us to evolve our product features and boost sales, through market insight and close customer relations, adding great value to NextToYou Network Solutions business.

Channel Partners

We are always looking for resellers and distributors, for endurable and profitable partnerships. Become a NextToYou channel partner and take advantage of these benefits:

  • Flexible system suited for various market segments.
  • Economical one-system solution for multi-location management.
  • Mandatory Web session registration (PT law 32/2008 - 2006/24/EC).
  • Cost effective integrated (cabled and wireless) networking management.
  • Full managed service.
  • Remote monitoring and alerts for early problem detection.
  • Modular system enabling customization of solution and costs.

Technology Partners

We at NextToYou are always interested into complementing the NextGate appliance with interoperable solutions from technological partners that enhance the appliance and bring more added value to our clients and customers. If you are a software or hardware company interested in integration your solutions in the NextToYou and NextGate ecosystem please reach us.

Request a Demo

Interested in a presentation of the NextGate features and use cases with in-depth commercial and technical details? Please contact us and schedule a presentation.