The public transport company ETG deploys the NextToYou distributed WiFi Hotspots solution

NextToYou developed and installed, in partnership with Optimus Comunicações, an advanced solution for managing WiFi distributed hotspots (NextGate+P) in various vehicles of ETG’s fleet. The Internet access service is working in various vehicles since July 2013, mostly covering urban circuits in the district of Porto.

In the words of its Director-General, Dr. Manuel Baptista, ETG seeks to continuously improve its services and this solution provides its clients a free high speed internet (4G) for vehicles used in the lines Sobrado/Valongo as well as specific international services.

In the first three months of use the service registered 1570 users and 2050 WiFi sessions, which already generated a total traffic of 39GB download and 5GB upload. On average there were 30 new users per day, performing 35 daily sessions, lasting on average 90 minutes and generating an average traffic of 20MB download and 3MB upload.