Co-Financed Project - Communication Redundant Module

This project aimed to develop a redundant communication module to be embedded on our products. This system offers a suite of applications for managing IP services for communities of users and also enables efficient management of multiple data access to the Internet.

This new module will ensure the connectivity of the system in case of failure or lack of wired connections to ISPs (cf. fiber, cable, ADSL). Although connectivity has less bandwidth, the system must ensure connectivity through connections to mobile networks.

This module is critical in that it can be used in various application scenarios: firstly, to achieve redundancy (failover) in the connectivity systems, accepting a graceful degradation of the quality Connectivity achieving but nevertheless maintain services, and secondly, this module will be crucial also in remote areas with limited access / connectivity and where the only types of coverage are ensured through 3G networks, third, this module is critical in situations of natural disasters affecting traditional cable connections and where GPRS / UMTS can offer concrete alternatives connectivity; finally, this module will also enable NextToYou demonstrators to be prepared for potential customers without requiring a pre-existing data connections that often do not are available on the demonstration site.