About Us

The NextToYou Network Solutions is a spinoff of INESC Porto founded by a group of engineers and researchers from the Telecommunications and Multimedia Unit. The experience gained since the 90s, from the research and development of innovative systems and services was, in this company, applied to a set of integrated systems of network communications, voice and multimedia services.

We developed a set of modular systems that allow the integration of different types of solutions: IP network communications, multimedia, security and building management. We offer to our partners and customers solutions tailored to their needs, both for residencial (individual or urbanization), corporate, hospitality (eg, hotels, hostels , etc..) and also for public hotspots (eg parks, pools, trains, etc.).

Our line of action follows the guidance and natural evolution of Next Generation Networks that rely on IP communication technologies. We present a set of innovative, integrated, and intuitive to use systems.